— Very Manly Striped Scarf & Armwarmer Combo

Pictures are coming as soon as I can find the damn cord to my camera. This little combo sprung to life when Aaron requested “something manly” because the Take A Nap Scarf no longer cut it, and is pretty much made up as I went, with a little help of Marnie MacLean’s Hooray for me gloves. I loved her pattern, but it was for sock yarn and didn’t give a gauge, so I decided to write up a worsted weight version.


Yarn: Red Heart Soft (100% acrylic, 256 yards/234 m). One skein each of black and purple, which they have chosen to call “fuchsia” (which is not very manly, so shhhh) is enough for both the scarf and armwarmers. If the intended recipient has small hands, that is. If he or she doesn’t, get two black.

Needle size: US8/5 mm. You will use the longest circs you can possibly find if you know what’s good for you.

Gauge: First a warning. I’m crazy and did this swatch in garter stitch. (Actually, I didn’t swatch at all, but just measured the finished product, but don’t tell the knitting faery). Therefore we have a sort of unorthodox measurement. If you are lucky a 4×4 inch (10×10 cm) swatch will be the result of 16 sts and 5 ridges of stockinette (that is, 10 rows, making 5 ridges on each side).

Color scheme: Is counted in ridges, not rows. On the right side row, you will have 5 ridges of black, 3 of purple, 2 of black, 7 of purple, 2 black, 3 purple and 5 black.

CO 225 sts. Work in garter stitch, following the directions for the color scheme. Just remember to switch colors on the same side every time (it sounds basic, but believe me – it’s not) and to remember it takes a row for the new color to start showing up and you’ll be all set.

Weave in ends. If you don’t carry the yarn along the side this will take ten times longer than the actual knitting.


Yarn: Same as above.

Needle size: US4/3.5 mm DPNs.

Gauge: 26 sts and 18 rows in stockinette will hopefully give you a 4×4 inch (10×10 cm) swatch. If you want to make life complicated (like me), I invite you to use circs (size 4) for the body of the armwarmers and DPNs for the fingers. But then I’m in a loving relationship with the Magic Loop method, sooo don’t listen for me. (Or rather, please do, because damn, it’s like magic!

Color scheme: 22 rows of black, 5 rows of purple, 3 rows of black, 7 rows of purple, 3 rows of black, 5 rows of purple, 16 rows of black.

CO 40 sts with black. Work 15 rows of 2×2 ribbing, followed by 7 rows of stockinette. Switch to purple. Work two more rows straight in stockinette. While maintaining color scheme, work the thumb and fingers as follows:

Thumb gusset:
Row 1:
k 22, pm, inc 1 in next 2 sts, pm, k to end of round. (42 sts)
Row 2: k all
Row 3: k all
Row 4: k to m, inc 1, k to last st before m, inc 1, k to end of round.
Repeat rows 2-4 until you have 16 sts between the markers.

Row 5: k all.
Rows 6: k to m, move all sts between this and next m to scrap yarn. CO 2 sts to fill gap. K to end of round.
K 8 more rounds and you will be all set for the colors. If the recipient has bigger hands than my Aaron who probably has the shortest hands in the history of, well, everything and size 4 feet to go with them (although big things come in small packages, hehehe) you may need to add additional rows here. Marnie’s pattern called for 19 rows, but that was with sock yarn and no gauge to speak of, so you’re on your own here.

You will have 38 live sts. I like to put each finger on separate scrap yarn for no-brainer knitting of the fingers. Hold the piece so that the thumb is on one side. Put the next 10 sts (5 on each side of the “tube”) on scrap yarn for your index finger. Put the next 10 sts (5 on each side) on it’s own little yarn for the middle finger. The next 10 sts – you guessed it. Throw it on some scrap yarn. You’ll now have 8 sts left for the pinky. Which is good, because they are generally the smallest finger of the bunch. Put these 8 sts on two DPNs.

Hold piece with the thumb pointing to the left. K 4 sts, CO 3 sts and K the rem 4 sts. Pick up 3 more sts from the space between the two DPNs. K for x rounds. BO as if doing 1×1 ribbing. And if your recipient has less stubby fingers than mine, you can cut down on the amount of sts added. 1-2 is probably normal for each side.

Ring, middle and index finger:
These are all worked in the same manner. Divide the sts between two DPNs, k across one of them, CO 3 sts, k across the other one and pick up 3 sts from the finger already knitted next to it. Knit until you have 16 rows from where you did your last color change from purple to black. Bind off as if 1×1 ribbing.

When you have all your fingers done it’s time for the thumb. Put the stitches on DPNs. I like to use three for my thumbs. You’re gonna need to knit a couple of rows with purple before switching to black to make the color changes consistent. It doesn’t matter much where you start, just knit until you hit the gap right by the index finger. Here you need to pick up 4 sts, to make it 20 even for the thumb. Do this, and knit a total of x rows before binding off as if you’re doing 1×1 ribbing.

When you’ve managed two armwarmers it’s time for the dreaded finishing. I had 24 ends per armwarmer. I’ll let you have this pattern for free as long as you promise not to mail me petrified dog poo when you realize how many ends that is.


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