— Mr Hufflepuff (scarf)


This is not the “official” Harry Potter scarf. If you want one exactly like the ones in the movies I suggest you go here. This is a shorter, thinner version that I came up with because living in Florida I really don’t get much use for a scarf that weighs as much as a phone book.

Yarn: Any worsted weight yarn will do. I used about 300 yards of Wool-Ease (80% acrylic/20% wool, 197 yards/180 m), almost one whole skein of Butterscotch (as main color) and about half a skein of black (as contrast color). Colors can be adjusted for the other houses as well. Use your imagination!

Needle size: US 9 / 5.5 mm.

Gauge: Um. Not sure. Whatever. It’s a scarf.

Stitch pattern: 1×1 ribbing, worked over 22 stitches. K1, P1, repeat to end. Repeat this row until you’re blue in the face or the scarf is done, whichever comes first.

Color scheme: 30 rows of MC (yellow), 4 rows of CC (black), 6 rows of MC (yellow), 4 rows of CC (black). Repeat.

Directions: CO 22 sts. Work in pattern while maintaining the color scheme. Keep going until you have 7 sets of trapped bars, 14 trapped bars total. End the scarf with 30 rows of yellow. BO.

Finishing: Weave in ends and add fringe. For each tassel, cut off four pieces of yellow yarn, six inches long. Fold in half and pull through the scarf with a crochet hook. Put one tassel at every other stitch or so, until you have ten on each side. Blocking is recommended, but not necessary (unless you work with 100% wool, then you simply have to wet block, or you will live unhappily ever after).


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