Almost there

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This is where i stand on the whole First Sweater I Ever Designed Deal. The width of the sleeve bothers me, but Amanda (who is all knowing aka mother of two toddlers) says that’s how kids sweaters look. I only have one sleeve and a little collar to go, and then we’re all set. All that’s left is writing the pattern.

I’m really bothered by how dirty my floors look in the pictures in the post before this one. I think that means I’m getting old. I remember how silly I thought my mom was when she would freak out because it was messy when people were on their way over. Now I’m just like that. All the time.


Why (almost) every knitter has at least one cat…

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Because no matter how expensive the yarn is, you can’t help but laugh when you wake up to this:


This is where it started….


And this is how it ended.


Note how the yarn is entangled in the fork.

Gone fishing

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Alright, so I hate fishing. When I was little I would cry and run home every time my cousins and sister actually caught something and I realized they were gonna kill it. Fishes are cute though. So when I wanted to make a baby sweater, of course there had to be a fish on it. Intarsia is boring as hell (at the moment, ask again later), so I opted for some texture changes instead. Isn’t it cute?


I know the back looks smaller than the front, it’s really not. It’s just that you only do neckshaping on the front half, I decided after looking at some patterns. I think this is going to make the neckhole big enough for me to not have to put buttons along the shoulder seam.


A very blurry closeup of the fish.


This is how interesting Duncan finds my knitting…


His sister agrees.


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tivoli01.jpg tivoli02.jpg

What? Ballet type shirt, one of the few things I’ve made for myself this year.
Pattern: Grumperina‘s Tivoli with some lace added on the bottom.
Yarn: Paton’s Grace (100% mercerized cotton, 136 yards), 3 skeins. The color is called Tangelo.

I’ve been wanting to try Tivoli for so long, but never found the right yarn. I didn’t have the funds for fancy yarn and really didn’t want to make it out of acrylic, because, ew, Florida, hot, acrylic, melty. OK, so I’ve never had that happen (yet), but who knows.

Anyway, one day I was looking through the clearance bin at Michael’s, because I once found Chenille at 75% off there, so whenever we’re there, I look. Ten times. At least. But yeah. That’s where I found this yarn for $1 per skein. It would never have crossed my mind to use orange hadn’t it been on sale, but I love it.

I made the next to smallest size and opted out of the picot edging, but added some lace instead just, well, because I could. I think it’s a little short and are thinking about adding another inch or so, but Amanda says that would be crazy. It’s Florida, for God’s sake.

Meshing pinwheels

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My progress with the Pinwheel Blanket. I put together my two longest Denise cords and it’s already outgrowing them! And it’s not even close to finished. Not even half. It’s crazy. Also, I wanted to make it in one color, but didn’t have enough yarn, so stripes it is.


What? Mesh Bag
Pattern: Loosely based on Knitty‘s Kitchen sink, but I’m pretty sure I changed it around enough to call it my own. When I get some better pictures of it I may put the pattern up.
Yarn: Sirdar Spree Chunky (60% cotton/40% acrylic, 149 yards), two skeins. The color is 092/Riviera.

I actually first made the Saturday Market Bag, but found that it was way too… well, loose, for me. I carry so much crap that within minutes of leaving home the bag was hanging by my knees and the straps kept twisting around each other. I didn’t like the way it worked, but I didn’t like the look of Kitchen sink, especially not how the handles are separate and then come together. So I started sketching.

It has the same mesh stitch as Kitchen sink, but seed stitch instead of what is used in that pattern. It’s also much smaller, doesn’t have a rounded bottom, and I choose to put mesh stitch pretty far up the handles to make them sturdier. More pictures to come!

Another baby blanket?

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I haven’t been knitting much lately. Life has been so crazy. I do however feel like I need to post. I’ve been working on a baby blanket for some time now. I made a really cute design, with this picture from Grumperina’s blog as a base. I added some stuff, intarsia squares with little images on, and well, yeah. It was turning out really good. But. Yes, of course there is a but. But I was only about 1/10 done (halfway done with the first strip out of five) and I could not make myself keep knitting.

I think the problem is that I hate purling. It doesn’t matter how fast I get (combined knitting does wonders!), I still hate it. With a passion. And then of course, I started thinking about the Pinwheel Blanket. I’ve tried to start it so many times, but never managed to do the “cast on five stitches and put them on four dpns and go” part. This time I remember these oh so smart directions on how to get around it, so I tried again. And it worked! Somehow mindless stockinette is so much better in the round.

My last finished object before this was a bag. This bag to be exact:

bottomless.jpg bottomlessabove.jpg

What? Felted entrelac bag.
Pattern: My own. One day when I haven’t been off my meds for the last three days I will write the pattern up. Or perhaps put the pattern up for sale. I haven’t decided yet.
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino, 223 yards, two skeins of burgundy, one skein of peacock.

I submitted this bag to the third Stitch n’ Bitch book, but I must have sent it in a day late, because I did not get an e-mail like other people who submitted stuff saying she was still looking things over.

Anyway, I had the Sophie bag since a long time, but it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I have too much crap. So I made this. The second picture shows just how much stuff it holds (and the colors are more accurate). The day it was taken the bag contained:

a bottle of vitamin water, a bottle of regular water, two textbooks, a Sudoko book, two knitting projects, six bus schedules, a wallet, a cell phone, a floppy disk, a ruler, three bottles of pills, a bag of Sourpatch Kids, a bus pass, three pens, a stack of post-its, a bottle operer… Do I need to continue?

So much to do, so little time

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I’ve been contemplating starting up a new knitblog. You know, start fresh and all that crap. Then I went and looked over my old entries and decided that I do want to keep them. Yes, some of the stuff I’ve made is mediocre at best, but you can still see me develop my skills as a knitter and that’s awesome. So I’m keeping it. 

I have so much to update on, although that will have to wait. School is kicking my ass and I need new batteries for my camera. I also have to come up with a name for my mesh bag before I can put the pattern up. So much to do, so little time…