The pesky thing called a life

I have oh-so-much updating to do, but I can’t find the cord to my camera, so the pics are all stuck in there. Since I last posted I have knitted a ton of stuff, including a drop stitch scarf out of a handspun red/pinkish/purple yarn that Jenny of Madwoman in the Attic sent me as a thank you for help with a chart, a cabled scarf out of some unnamed probably acrylic that I bought a one pound bag of for $6. It’s periwinkle blue and it’s going to my grandfather. I also made a lengthwise scarf with matching armwarmers for Aaron and that is just the stuff I have finished. In the works is the Backyard Leaves scarf in Paton’s Classic Merino in peacock, socks in burgundy Knitpicks Essentials and I haven’t even had time to touch the laceweight purple stuff I got from Knitpicks a couple of months ago.

As for the year that went…

Finished stuff:
1. Short Row Rib Scarf and Thumbelina armwarmers for myself.
2. Hearts scarf for Aaron’s coworker.
3. DiagonAlly baby blanket for Tonya(‘s baby).
4. Oh-so-conservative-cabled-scarf for Aaron’s mom (that I haven’t blogged – shame on me).
5. Crocheted “honest to God dreddie tam” for Suz.
6. Fuzzy Feet for my grandfather (that ended up being for me since someone already gave him slippers).
7. Kiri aka my first lace shawl for my grandmother.
8. Bottomless bag for myself.
9. Hybrid, renamed MeshMash bag for myself.
10. Tivoli shirt for myself.
11. Autumn headband + armwarmers for me or my aunt or anyone that wants them.
12. Daisy baby sweater for Irma.
13. Very Manly Striped Scarf + Armwarmers for Aaron.
14. Periwinkle Cables scarf for grandpa.
15. Drops scarf for myself.

Started but not finished (obviously I like to torture myself):

In the category: Things I’m actually working on.
1. Backyard Leaves scarf.
2. Father&Son socks.
3. Jaywalker socks.

In the category: Mostly Finishing Left But God Knows When I’ll have the Time.
1. We Call Them Pirates hat. Needs a lining. Or possibly a different yarn.
2. Fall sweater. Needs two more inches and yarn of the right dyelot.
3. Irish Coronet. Ends only.
4. Via Diagonale. Needs a lining.

In the category: What the Hell Was I Thinking?
1. Gone Fishing baby sweater. Let’s just say: babies have big heads. This sweater doesn’t.
2. Checkerpatterned baby blanket. Note to self: you hate intarsia.
3. Pinwheel baby blanket. Blankets are not my thing. Clearly.
4. 100% cotton diaperbag. Note to self: You hate 100% cotton. And intarsia. Still.

And that’s just the stuff I remember. God knows what my actual track record is. But 15 projects, of which 6 was for myself, 3 were lace, 8 were my own patterns and most turned out pretty good is… well, awesome. I wonder how much I could knit if I didn’t have that pesky thing called a life…


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