Slightly manic in the best way possible

I finally bought vitamins, and I have to say that placebo is a wonderful thing. I already feel so much better, although I strictly shouldn’t. Not yet.

I need to get my ass outside and take some pictures of my S’n’B submission. Last day is Monday. Thanks to freshgroundfemm I realized that I have to send a contract in, and uh, before Monday. Which is so not gonna happen, even if I race to the mailbox this very second. I think I’m going to scan the signed contract and attach it to the email when I send the pictures and pattern. Maybe that’ll do until they get the actual contract.

I’m pretty much obsessed with the potstickers from our local Chinese place. I could eat them for the rest of my life. Right now I’m fighting myself whether or not to leave Aaron a couple. Although he did eat all the icecream – twice!

Went to no less than two local yarn stores yesterday. In the first one they wouldn’t even look at us until Tracey slammed what she wanted to buy down on the counter. In the second we were greeted immediately and small talked with the lady (Kathe was not there though, boo!) the whole time. I went in circles petting everything so many times that I lost count. And still I left with nothing. I’m simply becoming too much of a yarn snob and couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on something I didn’t quite have a plan for. The two things I was most drawn too was the following…


Lady Godiva Renaissance, 50% silk, 50% wool.


Lady Godiva Paris, 50% silk, 50% wool.


Lorna’s Laces, 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon.

(Pics were borrowed from Purl Yarns because I couldn’t find a decent picture anywhere else. Sorry! No stole bandwidth and uh, here’s some advertising for you, so don’t be mad.)

In the end though, paying $35 (yes, seriously!) for roughly 200 yards of yarn, no matter if it’s silk, well, it just wasn’t possible. And although I loved the purple striping of the Lorna’s laces I couldn’t justify spending $28 on a pair of socks ($14 per skein, you need two for one pair) when we can barely afford to pay our bills.

I have decided though, that I’m going to find a yarn that is softy soft for a scarf and armwarmer set. The one I have from last year is pretty and purple but oh so itchy. Boo.


~ by Karyn on '11/18/06.

One Response to “Slightly manic in the best way possible”

  1. Hey Taryn (purl yarns) won’t mind, but i have seen these skeins “in the flesh” and they are just so lovely. maybe just one skein instead of the two will make things a little easier to swallow (money wise)

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