Big Bad Irma Blanket

So, exactly how bad is it to decide to have dinner delivered (Chinese or pizza is the question) because your new Knitpicks order just arrived? Pretty damn bad I’m sure. I’m aware of how boring it is to look at other people’s yarn when it’s not in a project, so I’m just gonna include a picture of my absolute favorite, Shadow in the color Vineyard:


Yes, I did stick the yarn in the scanner because it’s too dark in here to take a picture that makes the color justice. And that’s with every lamp on. Clearly I need to invest in a new camera. The color on this picture is pretty much exactly the color of the yarn, so much more beautiful than it is on the site, and that’s why I love my scanner, even if it smoshes my beloved yarn.

I think I’m going to use this to try a pattern I’ve been thinking about. It’s a shawl with zig zags going down into a point, and well, I really hope that hasn’t been done yet. It’s meant to be a symbol for lighting and Thunderbeings and all that stuff. I don’t know much about them, but Aaron does and came home one day with an idea for a lace shawl drawn on the back of a napkin. So that I’m trying, with the help of Eunny Jang‘s awesome article about shaping in Interweave Knits (how did she know I was thinking of how to do exactly that? She must be psychic). I’m most likely getting in over my head thinking about designing lace, but hey… humor me (that is, the three or so people reading this).

Other than that we got quite a bit of Wool of the Andes (when you can only afford to buy yarn once every six months or so you gotta splurge), some for a simple striped shawl for a friend, a bear (that was requested to be white with a red sweater… and please don’t ask why because I have no idea!) and of course some so that Aaron can get his own hat/scarf/armwarmers set now that it’s getting cold.

I didn’t get much yarn, just the Shadow and a couple of skeins of burgundy Essential, because I wanted to know what it felt like to knit with before ordering every skein they had for Serrano from Knitty that I’m deeply in love with, but little apprehensive about, because a cardigan with sock weight yarn on size 1.5 and 2.5 needles? So far I’m practicing with my brand new DPNS (size 1) making the Father-and-Son socks from Interweave Knits. I think I have a kid sized leg (but it’s hard to tell since they don’t tell you where on the leg to measure…), and I’m just gonna make a longer foot. I hope it works, because I love the design.

We also got a couple of cords and interchangeable needles in the sizes 4, 6 and 8. I know it would be cheaper to buy the whole set, but I’ve had my Denises for like three years and can count the times I used anything bigger than 8 on one hand. So, we’re starting with these three. I’m working on a needle case in my head for it. I don’t want to pay $20 for what looks like a planner with a few plastic sheets in it. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway (God, I’m rambly today) the reason I’m posting… I’ve got a finished object. The Big Bad Baby Blanket renamed Irma after the girl that’s receiving it. I’ve read so much about what a pain in the ass it is to finish, but I only worked on it for about three weeks. It was not the most stimulating knitting I’ve ever done, but perfect because I could study and knit at the same time.

What? The Big Bad Baby Blanket.
Pattern: From Stitch n’ Bitch. You know where to find it. Everybody and their mother has made this thing.
Yarn: Bernat Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes (75.2% acrylic, 22.2% acetate – what the hell is that? – and 2.6% nylon, 404 yards), about a skein and a half, so 600 yards total or so. Color Splash Stripes.



The acrylic is surprisingly soft and the stripes are almost completely even. I like this blanket a lot, although the perfectionist in me is a little sad that I can’t block it to an exact square. I didn’t swatch, I just cast on 150 stitches and hoped for the best. It worked out pretty well, since the pattern says 29×29 inches unblocked and 32×32 blocked, and mine is roughly 30×30 inches. As you can see Elliot likes the blanket a lot more than he likes to be on pictures.


Here is a close up of the cast off edge, where I used Elizabeth Zimmermann’s cast off and although it takes time I absolutely love the result. So stretchy and neat and completely amazing.


~ by Karyn on '11/4/06.

2 Responses to “Big Bad Irma Blanket”

  1. Beautiful! Just admiring your craft! By the way I order out too when new glass comes in I get so excited and forget to feed my family LOL.

    Happy creativity

  2. Thanks. And I know exactly what you’re talking about… Nothing is better than new yarn!

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