Since the last time I wrote…

– I have knitted and ripped out the same bag about 40,000 times. Or maybe it’s six. I’m not sure.

– I’ve decided to knit Serrano out of Knitpicks Essentials. Probably burgundy.

– Tried to narrow down my list of stuff to buy from Knitpicks. I’m down to a sweater’s worth of Merino Style for Aaron, two hanks of either Shadow or Alpaca Cloud, a shitload of Essential for me, a circular needle, size 2 or 3 (I’m leaning towards 2, my pattern calls for 2.5, but the size that fits me has zero negative ease, and 2 or so inches is recommended, so maybe a size 2 would give me that…) and Aaron wants size 8 needle tips from the Options line. Because he only knits with 8’s. Weirdo.

– I’ve learned how to knit two-handed, continental with my constrasting color and English with my main color. It’s really exciting and the result is great. So much more even that my earlier method, also known as “drop one yarn, pick up the next, twist them around each other a lot and say “fuck” loudly when the result is mediocre at best”.

Um yeah. That’s about it. I’m busy. Unfortunately not with knitting.


~ by Karyn on '09/25/06.

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