Gone fishing with a mesh bag

I finished the baby sweater. (Yes, I ripped out the sleeve and reknitted it with more decreases, what did you expect from Ms Pain-in-the-Ass-Perfectionist?) And I hate it. It’s all bunchy and weird, and worst of all, if the baby doesn’t have a head the size of a small apple he will not be able to get it on. I guess there is a reason they say to put buttons in. My choices are now:
a) rip out the neckband, start over with a bigger size needle (the reason I went down to 5’s from 6’s was that I can’t pick up stitches to save my life without making each one the size of Texas – imagine a baby with x number of Texases around his neck; not pretty!,
b) undo the three-needle-bind off of the shoulders and put snap buttons in since I, obviously, didn’t do any button holes.
The problem is that I really don’t feel like doing either. I have to wait and see if blocking helps the unevenness first. Either way, I’m putting it here as a sort of Finished Object for now.

What? Gone Fishing Baby Sweater
Pattern: My own, mostly. When I’m done I will write it up, but for now I’m way too frustrated with the damn thing.
Yarn: KnitPicksShine & Shine Twist, like it was called when I bought it, aka Shine Sport, which they call it these days (60% pima cotton/40% modal, 110 yards), 2-3 half used skeins, probably about 150-200 yards or so, and a little bit of TLC Plus (51% cotton/49% acrylic, 186 yards), too little to even estimate yardage.


Here are the bunchies that annoy the crap out of me in all their glory. But at least you can see how much better a sleeve with decreases look.


A second picture to show the fishies on the sleeves and how they correspond with the ones on the chest. Except for being fatter. Smaller, but fatter.

A while ago I posted the finishedness of a mesh bag, a hybrid between Kitchen Sink from Knitty and Saturday Market Bag from MagKnits. I still don’t have a pattern, but I am armed with pictures. Lots of pictures!


This is what it looks like hanging from our laundry cart. It’s a good thing the strap is sturdy with all the crap i put in it.


This is what it looks like empty and all flattened out on a bed (aka nothing like it will when you’re actually using it).


I can’t do closeups to save my life. As much as it looks like a blurry, psychedelic pattern it actually is a close up of the mesh.


The sides are mesh too, surrounded by a great deal of seed stitch. It’s good for the soul. Or so I’ve heard.


Hanging out on my bed.


~ by Karyn on '08/21/06.

One Response to “Gone fishing with a mesh bag”

  1. […] An itty bitty cardigan to send off to Linn instead of the Gone Fishing sweater since I really don’t feel like fixing the neckband on that one. It’s so itty bitty and so cute and oh my God, that Yarn Harlot really knows her shit when it comes to baby sweaters. I really loved that I could mattress stitch the sleeves because of the raglan shaping. Now I just gotta resolve my button issue…   […]

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