Almost there


This is where i stand on the whole First Sweater I Ever Designed Deal. The width of the sleeve bothers me, but Amanda (who is all knowing aka mother of two toddlers) says that’s how kids sweaters look. I only have one sleeve and a little collar to go, and then we’re all set. All that’s left is writing the pattern.

I’m really bothered by how dirty my floors look in the pictures in the post before this one. I think that means I’m getting old. I remember how silly I thought my mom was when she would freak out because it was messy when people were on their way over. Now I’m just like that. All the time.


~ by Karyn on '08/14/06.

7 Responses to “Almost there”

  1. Cute! Did you always have this many posts here–because I swear the last time I checked there was nothing here. Maybe I’m crazy.

  2. You’re not crazy. I’m working on moving all my posts here from Blogger, but got stuck in the I-don’t-have-time-for-anything-non-school-related-trap and couldn’t finish. I still have about six months worth of posts waiting. You can call ME crazy though!

    (I never know if I’m supposed to answer below your comment or in YOUR journal, I get so confused when there’s no “reply to this comment” link.)

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