Meshing pinwheels


My progress with the Pinwheel Blanket. I put together my two longest Denise cords and it’s already outgrowing them! And it’s not even close to finished. Not even half. It’s crazy. Also, I wanted to make it in one color, but didn’t have enough yarn, so stripes it is.


What? Mesh Bag
Pattern: Loosely based on Knitty‘s Kitchen sink, but I’m pretty sure I changed it around enough to call it my own. When I get some better pictures of it I may put the pattern up.
Yarn: Sirdar Spree Chunky (60% cotton/40% acrylic, 149 yards), two skeins. The color is 092/Riviera.

I actually first made the Saturday Market Bag, but found that it was way too… well, loose, for me. I carry so much crap that within minutes of leaving home the bag was hanging by my knees and the straps kept twisting around each other. I didn’t like the way it worked, but I didn’t like the look of Kitchen sink, especially not how the handles are separate and then come together. So I started sketching.

It has the same mesh stitch as Kitchen sink, but seed stitch instead of what is used in that pattern. It’s also much smaller, doesn’t have a rounded bottom, and I choose to put mesh stitch pretty far up the handles to make them sturdier. More pictures to come!


~ by Karyn on '07/26/06.

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