Dear blog, how I have neglected you! I haven’t gotten lazy, I promise, just stressed. Major surgery and unemployment of your better half, bipolar siblings moving in with puppies and boyfriends in tow, having to write a thesis but being stubborn and chosing a subject that you just can’t find any material pertaining to, and last but not least cars with malfunctioning breaks and aggrivating traffic tickets… does that to you. Anyway, here comes Kiri:

Pattern: Kiri (pdf) from All Tangled Up
Yarn: Something unknown and beautiful Corrina gave me a long time ago. About 400 yards. Possibly sock weight, maybe even lace weight.

kiri in the wind

The first picture doesn’t make justice to the beauty of this shawl. Not even close. The colors are accurate though. I love the second picture far more, and yes, the fact that I insisted on taking the pictures when I was home alone made the ass shot totally impossible. But yeah. Here you can see the lace and why this pattern is so amazing.


 And of course I had to do a close up too, even though it doesn’t really show anything different, except letting everyone know how irregular my yarnovers are… And also, for your information, after these pictures were taken i did buy a blocking board (also known as a six dollar camping mattress foam thing from Walmart) and reblocked it to get the points. It worked wonderful. Never again towel and 283403240 pins! And yes, foam board and exactly the same amount of pins is far better, thank you for asking.



~ by Karyn on '05/31/06.

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