My feet are fuzzy!

I still haven’t blocked Kiri. It’s mostly because all the sinks in the house and the bath tub too, are Aaron’s responsibility and they are just too gross to be allowed close to my beloved Kiri.

(You give him two jobs – to clean the bathroom once in a blue moon, mostly because I’m allergic to bleach, and Orange Clean just doesn’t cut it in there, and do the dishes. And neither gets done!)

So Kiri lays neglected. And I knit furiously and my “to be blocked” pile grows. Here’s some of it.

What? Comfy slippers for my grandpa.
Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Knitty.
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino, olive green. Exactly one skein, which means 223 yards.



I made these for my grandfather. I love them so much that I’m definately making myself a pair. That is, some time when I’m not living in florida. My gauge was 3.5 stitches to an inch instead of 4, but since grandpa has big old feet I just went with it and hoped the extra half stitch per inch would be enough to make them his size. I’m not really sure if it worked. Time will tell I suppose. They’re too big for me, and my feet are big as boats. Especially if you put my men’s size 6’s next to Aaron’s little boys 4.5. Please pay no attention to my legs who are screaming for some lotion. And some sun. Simultaneously.

What? Crazylooking tam for Suz.
Pattern: None, really. Or perhaps my own.
Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino, 223 yards of olive, tiny amounts of bone and paprika.



I freehanded this with double crochet. It is a tam; that is, a hat people with dreddies stuff them all into so they can look like they have a 48 inch head. It also doubles as a parachute. This is possibly the ugliest piece of clothing i’ve ever knitted (wait, it’s crocheted, strike that!) or worn. And that’s saying a lot. And yes, I had fun here and photoshopped myself a pair of brown eyes. I also had to stuff the tam full with plastic bags to make it look decent, even though it has all my hair in there too (and yes, it hits my waist on a good day).

I have knitted so much more… including a matching set consisting of a panta and armwarmers. with cables. I’m thinking about putting that pattern up for sale. Because I’m just that broke (see next post for explanation).


~ by Karyn on '04/14/06.

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