It should be called PITA, not KIRI

So. I finished Kiri. And yes. I love the pattern. It’s genious. but right now I really think it’s short for pain in the ass. Or maybe it’s my perfectionism that is the pain in the ass? I don’t know. The whole knitting went fine. It was when it was time to bind off it started. Let me tell you how many times i tried to bind off:

1 – I did the k2tog bind off as the pattern says with US7’s (same as i knitted with), although it calls for US8’s for the bind off. I didn’t like the way it looked.

2 – I couldn’t find my US8’s, so I tried binding off with US9’s instead. I didn’t like the way it looked.

3 – I decided that maybe I was supposed to purl a row to finish of the yarn overs before casting off. So I purled 400 stitches. And then tried the k2tog bind off with us7’s. I didn’t like the way it looked.

4 – I tinked 400 stitches and tried my regular bind off, that is, knit two, slip one stitch over the other. I didn’t like the way it looked.

5 – I decided a garter stitch border would be in order. So I knit three rows garter stitch, and increased one stitch at the beginning and end of every other row to keep the pointy ends. Then i used my regular bind off. I didn’t like the way it looked.

6 – I knit another row. Tried my regular bind off. Guess what? I didn’t like the way it looked.

7 – I unraveled the bind off for the sixth time and tried the k2tog bind off hoping that the back of it would look like a garter stitch ridge.

Then I looked at it and realized how stupid it will look when the top of the shawl has vertical ridges, and the other two sides has horizontal. Thank God Aaron was there. He told me to get the hell over it and finish binding off. So I did.

And let me tell you; I have never ever in my life cared this much about a bound off edge before! Ever! The kicker is that it’s going to my grandmother, who I could give a skunk and she would say “Oh my, isn’t that lovely? I love the way it smells!”.

It’s not blocked yet, I don’t have a towel big enough and I’m probably gonna end up investing in one of those foam things they sell… you know, those that look like big puzzle pieces that you put together. Can’t afford a real blocking board. $10 for a box of foam puzzle is steep for me!

I will get back to you when that is done and the pictures are taken and developed and scanned. Sigh. I miss my digital camera.


~ by Karyn on '03/10/06.

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