Post Olympics post

No, I didn’t get gold. I didn’t even get silver. Which i’m not too surprised about. I have never been the one to shine, after all. I do however feel good about my knitting during the Olympics. I didn’t finish Kiri, but I still knitted more than I ever remember doing! In the car, in bed, by the TV, by the computer, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner – you name it. I even knitted while buying groceries.

The reason I didn’t finish Kiri is spelled real life. First Tonya’s baby shower came along and I quickly threw together a blanket for her. A simple, but pretty awesome blanket. And then there was the knitting of six out of eight repeats of Kiri. And then Aaron’s mom wanted a scarf to match her UNF watch cap. And instead of doing a boring 1×1 ribbed scarf like I first thought about I designed a cabled seed stitch thing. It’s looking pretty great, even if navy will never be my color of choice.

So yeah. I finished about 75% of Kiri, knitted a baby blanket and a cabled scarf in 16 days. Not too bad, even if it wasn’t what I meant to do. I really do belong in Team Rebel.


~ by Karyn on '02/27/06.

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