Tonya (no, not that one) and the Olympics

What? Diagonally striped baby blanket for Tonya.
Pattern: my own. Click here to see it.
Yarn: One skein each of Lionbrand Homespun in grey aka Edwardian and purple aka Gothic (who comes up with these names? I want what she is smoking), 185 yards each, and one skein each of Red Heart Light and Lofty in Pine green and Antique blue, 148 yards. Totally around 660 yards.


In the spirit of the Olympics I decided to not post a picture of Kiri-in-progress, although I did do one hell of a progress in the last two days.

The story of this blanket goes something like this: Saturday morning Aaron said: “Oh, I forgot. Tonya’s baby shower is on Thursday”. After a few moments I realized that duh, you can’t go to a baby shower without a present and we are so poor it squeaks. So I asked him if he knew what she wanted and he said that she had been talking about a blanket. A blanket of all things! I would’ve wanted to make something fancy, like the Pinwheel Blanket that I’ve been drooling over ever since I found the pattern, but no. In six days I can’t crank out that, it’s just physically impossible. Instead I dug out some yarn that was pretty but I knew I would never use and therefore kept in my stash, and came up with something.

It’s a lot bigger than this picture makes it look; 25 x 34 inches or 59 x 87 cm. Not huge exactly, but it’ll have to do. It’s super soft and heavy, in fact so heavy that I hope Tonya doesn’t put her kid to bed with it – she will not only die from heatstroke, but also from having something ten times her own weight tucked around her. What can I say? It’s more of a “Hey, let’s put this on the floor and eat so many crackers that we puke and then clean it up with it” blanket. (Tonya, I know you don’t read this because you obviously have better things to do, but still; if you do that I will cry and claim your firstborn as my slave.)

Also, you can find the so called pattern (it’s so easy it’s ridiculous) right here.


Because I’m feeling generous (and because it shows the blanket pretty close up), here’s a picture of the hat my dad is getting for christmas (yes, last year, still working on that). I call it Irish Coronet, because (duh!) it’s Coronet, just with the cable from the Irish hiking scarf (big warning, pdf ahead!) instead.

So although I didn’t work on Kiri for four days out of the Olympics I still feel pretty confident about getting done in time. I guess that makes up for the four days i started early. I’m aiming for eight repeats instead of twelve, because it looks so huge on all the pictures. For the record, I just started my fourth.

I also want to say that Grumperina is a knitting godess. If it wasn’t for her I would never have figured out the art that is combined knitting, and let me tell you what a pain the purl rows (of Kiri, not the blanket) would have been knitting continental. Actually, let’s not, because that would include all kinds of words that are just not made justice typed down.


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