The Knitting Olympics

Let’s start with a finished object.

What? Lace heart scarf for Xenotia’s friend.
Yarn: Joann Sensation Dolcetto, 100% wool, pink, about 130 yards.
Pattern: Knitty‘s breast cancer awareness issue.


This scarf was knitted for the friend of one of Aaron’s co-workers. She just had a relapse of breast cancer, and Xenotia wanted to give her a scarf that was soft and in the same color as the breast cancer ribbon.

I picked this pattern and got this specific yarn simply because it was the right color. I didn’t do any modifications except using a thinner yarn and smaller needles, which made it necessary to do a couple of extra repeats. The pattern called for 20 hearts total, and I made 26 or 28. Way too cutesy for me, but I think she’ll like it!


Then we have the whole knitting olympics deal. I was so excited when I first read about it, picked out a pattern (my first shawl!) and some yarn that Corrina gave me because she’s awesome like that. I even made a Team Sweden button! How dorky can you get?

And then I couldn’t help myself. Three days ago I cast on and this is what I have so far. I know I will probably never use a shawl, it’s way too impractical for someone like me, but I like the challenge (remind me of this later). I will probably end up giving it to either my mom or my grandma. I love knitting this thing, but I guess i’m technically disqualified for starting early. So I made another button. I’ll put both of them up here just because:

teamrebel.gif  teamsweden.gif


~ by Karyn on '02/10/06.

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