Mr Hufflepuff and his acquaintances

What? Smaller version of the Harry Potter scarf, the Hufflepuff variety.
Pattern: from my head. You can find the exact pattern here. (Aren’t I just the nicest?)
Yarn: Lionbrand Wool Ease, 197 yards. Almost one whole skein butterscotch and about half a skein of black.


I totally forgot to post Mr. Hufflepuff! A few days before Christmas Aaron came home and asked me how fast I could knit a scarf. He really wanted to give one to his co-worker Cheryl’s daughter for Christmas, which gave me five days.

I grabbed some Wool Ease and tried to remember how big 10-year-olds really are. I normally hate yellow, but this scarf turned out kind of cute. And yes, I finished at 3 am on December 23rd, which was two hours before it had to be finished.

What? Fluffy white armwarmers for Linn.
Pattern: My own. To be found right here (eventually).
Yarn: Paton’s Divine (80ish % acrylic, 20ish % mohair)


I finished these months ago. I just forgot to post them. Linn requested “white fluffy armwarmers”, and this is what i came up with. Not bad. Not bad at all.


~ by Karyn on '01/9/06.

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