Wrap up of 2005

I’ve knitted for over a year now! That means I’ve learned a lot this year. Even though all my finished objects are linked on the sidebar, I feel that I need to do a post about what I’ve made and what I’ve learned. Let’s see.

Number of projects: I have NO idea. Probably at least 30.
Number of projects I actually finished: 22.
Number of projects that were for me: 4.

Projects in chronological order and what I learned from them:
1. The Alien scarf. For Anna. How to knit and purl and tell the difference.
2. The Star & Geek wristwarmers. For Anna and Erik. How to do intarsia. How to do ribbing.
3. The God awful potholders. For my grandparents. Nothing new.
4. The Keyhole scarf. For my grandma. 1×1 ribbing and how much I hate it.
5. The Take a nap scarf. For Aaron. How to make stripes.
6. The Umbicial cord baby hat. For Michael. How to knit in the round. Making I-cord.
7. A bunny. For Michael. To always take pictures before you give stuff away.
8. The Clapotis wrap. For my grandma. Increasing and decreasing. The difference between regular and twisted stitches.
9. The Monkey bag. For me. Nothing new.
10. The Tempting shirt. For Lauren. To never knit to people that don’t appreciate knitting.
11. The Twining trees square. For my grandma. How to cable.
12. The Honeymoon tanktop. For me. Kitchener stitch.
13. The Sophie bag. For me. How to felt.
14. The Springfling cardigan. For my mom. Lace and how to use lifelines.
15. The beaded headband. For nobody in particular. How to knit with beads.
16. The striped armwarmers. For Anna. Nothing new.
17. The striped armwarmers, version two. For Anna’s now ex-boyfriend. Nothing new.
18. The Skull & Love wristwarmers. For Anna’s now ex-boyfriend. Nothing new.
19. The Pink Stripes bag. For nobody in particular.
20. The Lelah tank top. For me. How to tweak a pattern.
21. Mr Hufflepuff scarf. For Cheryl’s daughter. That I can knit a scarf in a week.
22. Linn’s armwarmers. Nothing new.

Huh. How can that be all i finished? It feels like I did a lot more. Which I of course did, but I didn’t finish all of it. Strange.


~ by Karyn on '01/8/06.

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