We call them pirates and… stuff


Several times I’ve felt bad for neglecting my poor knitting blog and sat down to write something, but then I remind myself that this is not a knit blog in the right sense of the word. I don’t think my knitting is interesting enough to blog every step of the way. It takes me weeks to finish stuff, and the process is slow and probably pretty boring. I started this just to have a place to store my pictures of stuff I’ve made. That’s it. Therefore one post a month is good.

These is some of the first things I’ve made in months that actually were for myself.

What? Scarf for me me me.
Pattern: Magknits’ short row ribbed scarf
Joann‘s Sensation Cosetta in purple, 68% wool/32% nylon, 128 yards, two skeins

What: Matching armwarmers for the scarf above
Pattern: Made up as I went. Look here to see it.
Yarn: Joann’s Sensation Cosetta in purple, 68% wool/32% nylon, 128 yards, one skein (i literally had two inches left when i bound off).

I’m not good at making scarves simply because I get bored so fast. The first ten inches of this was fun, thanks to the short rows, but then it took all I had not to rip the whole thing out. I love it finished though!

This was my first time to ever wet block. I usually use acrylic or cotton blends, but after seeing this change I’m a new person! The scarf gained two inches width wise and almost a whole foot lengthwise! Before blocking the ends barely reached my boobs. Amazing, isn’t it?


What? My first Fair Isle attempt, a hat for my sister.
Pattern: We call them pirates from Hello Yarn.
yarn: Lion brand WoolEase in black and “Fisherman” aka creamy white, 197 yards, less than half a skein each.

If you think this looks wonky, well, you’re right. It’s not blocked. And I’m not sure how much blocking is gonna help, seeing as it’s 80% acrylic.

If you think you see a light blue line on the bottom, well, you’re right. It’s the provisional cast on that I still have to pick up and knit a liner with. A fancy way to be able to work a hat in stockinette all the way.

And if you think it doesn’t look like the pattern, well, you’re right again. I didn’t have size 1 or 3 dpns or circs, which is what it calls for, so I worked it on 6’s. I don’t know if my head is abnormally large or what, but it still fits. That of course meant that three repeats of the skulls was waaaay too much. I started decreasing after two repeats, and it looks awesome.

I know there’s a lot that could be better, but it’s my very first Fair Isle ever, so I’m proud as hell. And today my baby bought me size 4 bamboo dpns so I can start the lining. With a coupon at A.C. moore they were just $4.


For christmas my dear friend Brynn got me four skeins of WoolEase in the color Autumn. I have been talking for forever about recreating a hoodie that I had when I was younger, that was striped in brown, green, red and orange (I know it sounds hideous, but it really wasn’t and I loved that thing so much), and I think she got tired of me whining about not having money for the yarn.

Unfortunately 800 yards isn’t nearly enough for a hoodie, so I compromised and found a simple raglan pattern that called for — 770 yards. I was really surprised to see it come out striped. Variegated yarn never does that! Either way, I love it so far. It feels like sneaking into the 70s watching these colors come together!


~ by Karyn on '01/5/06.

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