The sad story of the crazy koolaid sock

I’m such a bad knit blogger. I’m glad I don’t belong to any “post once a week” webrings. I’d be so kicked off. But anyhow. Last week, or maybe the week before, Corrina invited me to dye yarn with her. I was so very excited and had lots of fun. I put together this picture to show the whole process:


Then I finished the sock and was very upset to find that it didn’t fit.


I used Wendy’s generic toe up pattern and well, this is how i did it: I cast on according to my gauge swatch, got a little excited when I wrapped the toe stitches and ended up wrapping until I had 12 live stitches instead of 14, just because I love short rows.

I didn’t let that bother me, I just thought “oh well, what is a narrow toe, they’ll stretch”. when I got to the heel, to be safe I wrapped until I had 16 stitches instead of 14, since the toe seemed a little snug with 12. why I didn’t do 14… I don’t know.

I tried it on a few times as I went along and convinced myself that the reason it was so hard to get on was because it was still on the needle. I ended it with an inch or so of 1×1 ribbing (simply because I like it better than 2×2 – I can thank Tempting for that!) and bound of in pattern.

Of course I can barely get it on. It looks so cute, so I’m very sad that it’s so uncomfortable. If any sock knitters actually read my blog… HELP! I don’t know what to do different. Except maybe, ehrm, make a gauge swatch larger than five rows.

Also, let me show you exactly how awesome Corrina is. She gave me, not only a pair of Crystal Palace size 1 double pointed needles (there should be a special place in heaven for people who give away stuff like that – I would never ever have spent that much money on a set of needles, but now I’m spoiled), but she also gave me the most beautiful sock yarn ever – turquoise, yellow, orange, green… I’m so upset that I have to read two books by Karl Marx for school before I can even touch it. 


~ by Karyn on '12/13/05.

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