Purple dreams


I found this yarn at Joann’s. I petted it lovingly, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to afford it at $6 for a hunderedsomething yards. And the next day I looked in their flyer and it was marked down to $4. Of course I had Aaron take me there so I could buy some. I won’t have time to use it for a long time (Christmas knitting, anyone?), but when I do it will turn into a scarf and hat for me and it better be cold enough for me to use it this winter!

I’m working on an Irish hiking scarf (pdf) for my dad and it’s sloooow. It’s faster though, since I made my own little cable needle (see the picture). It’s about two and a half inch of a chop stick with sharpened ends. It’s kind of rough still, but it works a lot better than the double pointed needle (size 8, aluminum) I was using. It was too heavy and fell out of the stitches over and over and drove me crazy.


~ by Karyn on '11/8/05.

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