Cascade envy


I’m a cheap knitter. I really am. My stash is mostly cheap acrylic, with a little bit of peace fleece that I have because Corrina is awesome and gave it to me. I have some cotton leftovers from Knitpicks and that’s about it. When Aaron decided to make Rebekah a scarf because she’s an awesome sister and picked out some Cascade 220 I was a little eh about it. $6.50 for just over twohundered yards! Insane! ran through my head, but I could tell he really wanted it, so I bought it for him. A few days later he has this much scarf after following this pattern and I’m so jealous I could die. I’m knitting with Microspun and crocheting with CottonEase and the Cascade just seems so… yum. So, there you have it. I think I’m turning into a yarn snob. And once I’m done with some of my Christmas knits I will buy myself some Cascade 220 and make a scarf. Cabled. I’m still making the design up in my head, but it will be pretty. You can count on it.

This is also the reason i’m not touching a pair of Addi Turbos even though people rave about them. I can’t. Because, well, I can’t afford to fall in love with them and buy them at $15 a pop when we have so little money. I have my Denises, and I’m sticking to them. So there.


I’m learning how to crochet. Slowly. With Crocheting for Dummies in my lap and my tongue guiding the hook, much like when first graders learn how to write, I have this much. It’s part of a scarf, made lengthwise. I’m on row three or maybe four out of sixteen and it’s fun. Mindless. At least compared to Via Diagonale, that I’m knitting right now. So far it’s been a new stitch for every row, which is awesome. I learn a new stitch and then I have to repeat it 240 times, which means it sticks. I’m only wondering why I decided to make a scarf for Swedish weather out of CottonEase. That is, cotton/acrylic. That’s not gonna be warm enough and I know it. Oh well. Maybe it’ll be an early-spring-scarf instead.


Here it is. Via Diagonale. I had been looking for some type of cotton yarn that is a very light pink or blue, almost white, but was giving up when we went into Michael’s yesterday. There I found Microspun in a very very light yellow. Not the color I was looking for, and not the fiber either, but it works. I’m very excited to finally get to start this! Oh Christmas, you suck. I have so many presents to make. This is, however, the one i’m hands down most excited about making.


~ by Karyn on '10/28/05.

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