The Take A Nap scarf a whole year late


What? Take A Nap Scarf for Aaron
Pattern: Made up as I went. Published for your pleasure right here.
Yarn: Lionbrand chenille in Terracotta, Teal and Basil, aka orange, teal and green, 100 yards each, less than half a skein each.


This is how much Aaron loves his Take A Nap scarf. When he has a crappy day he wraps it around himself and takes a nap with it. Like on this picture. Isn’t he a cutie? And yes, for the perfectionist in me I added the info about pattern and yarn so I can categorize this as the finished object post for this particular item. I get very nervous when I don’t get to do stuff like that. You wouldn’t believe it if you saw me, but I’m a perfectionist at heart. My dad would be so proud if he knew.


I’m this determined to learn how to crochet. How about that? Someone (hi Shauna!!) told me crocheting is faster than knitting, so I came up with the brilliant idea to crochet people stuff for christmas. With the exception of a select few.

I’m trying so hard not to throw my Harry Potter scarves aside and try this instead, because they have to be finished by friday! So I keep knitting. though I’m so freaking tired of weaving in ends. I decided not to make them in the round, cause it would be half as much to knit. Well, let’s just say that came back and bit me in the ass when I realised that 27 main color rows, 3 contrast color rows, 5 main color rows, 3 contrast color rows, and repeat until you’re blue in the face means ten ends to weave in per set of bars bar. I’m aiming for eight sets of bars for each scarf. It may turn out to be seven if I run out of time. How many ends is that, dear readers (if you exist)?


Why, yes, it’s eighty freaking ends! I don’t even weave in that many when I make sweaters goddammit. They are turning out cute though, aren’t they? I’m so in love with them.


~ by Karyn on '10/24/05.

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