Ravenclaw update

I’m such a bad knit blogger. I never have any pictures. Truth is though, that I mostly keep this blog to keep track of the stuff I make. I don’t claim that it would be be interesting for anyone but me.

I’m almost halfway done with the Ravenclaw scarf. I’m a little annoyed with the colors. I like the navy, but the “bronze” isn’t good. It’s like a beige color. It was the best I could find though. I didn’t have time to shop around for the perfect color, and I didn’t want to do the movie scarf (navy/silver). The movies are kind of dumb (although perfect to knit to!). I love the books though.

Edited to add: I tried to describe my drop stitch scarf to Brynn and ended up taking some pictures after all. Here’s the Ravenclaw scarf. the picture is way too dark, but that was the best shot i got seeing it’s after midnight and no natural light whatsoever. I think I’m shooting for seven sets of bars, which means I’m more than halfway done.


When it gets cooler I’m probably gonna make a matching hat. Not sure how it will look. I kind of want to fit in a design too so you can tell that it’s not just any old hat. Maybe an intarsia raven for mine and a lion paw for Aaron’s Gryffindor version? Hm. I’ll have to think about that.


Anyway, here’s the drop stitch scarf. I’m aware of that it mostly looks like a big tangle of glitter. The flash reflected of the silver in the yarn and created a big mess. I”ll have to take pictures outside in daylight when it’s done.


~ by Karyn on '10/19/05.

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