I’m insane

I’m such a cheater. I put stuff at 1% on my progress bar even if they’re just a vague plan in my head, just so I can feel good about being productive when the truth is as follows:

Baby hoodie — I haven’t touched it in weeks because I want a baby dammit. And working on it makes it so real that I’m not gonna be able to become pregnant any time soon.

Linn’s armwarmers — have been finished for about three weeks. I have four lousy ends to weave in and then some blocking to do. I should’ve sent them off sooner. She paid me to make them for her.

Kicki’s drop stitch scarf — I’ve actually worked on this. Ladder yarn is not my friend, but who knows. Maybe i’ll be able to finish it in time (read: before the 26th).

Ravenclaw scarf — is just a plan in my head so far. I’m hoping to get Aaron to take me to Joann’s today to find some cheap acrylic since I need it before halloween. Yeah. I’m gonna be a witch for halloween. A smart, not so conventional witch. Of the Ravenclaw house (duh).

Gryffindor scarf — And yes, We’re gonna go as a cute couple, so of course Aaron has to be a wizard. He wants to be gryffindor though. So off to the store we go. Today. Dammit.

Stash buster blanket — I don’t know what i was thinking. A week has gone by and I’ve knitted about four inches. Blankets are unbelievably huge. I’m insane.


~ by Karyn on '10/17/05.

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