A three month long nightmare

Of course I started the blanket. I’m fully aware that I’m insane and that this is probably gonna turn into a three month nightmare and become a Christmas present instead. In two days I’ve managed to knit 20 rows of seed stitch and two rows stockinette.

Why? one might wonder. Well, I’ve never been much for gauge when it comes to stuff that isn’t gonna be fitted. Blankets, scarves, you know the drill. I used the Big Bad Baby Blanket in Stitch n’ Bitch as a starting point, and since it says doubled yarn on 9’s, cast on 128 stitches, I for some reason decided that 200 stitches on 9’s with single stranded yarn would be the best.

Uh yeah.

200 stitches. If I’ve made an inch and a half, how long will the blanket be in two weeks? Exactly. I think that’s what people call a napkin.

It’s turning out great though. I’m on my first stripe and the border is pretty as can be. Which means I will stubbornly move along, stitch by stitch, until I have my damn blanket. Even if it means my grandfather will be a hundered years old before I can give it to him.


~ by Karyn on '10/10/05.

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