The joy of giving a la 2005

I have been so busy lately that I can barely remember how to knit. That’s how it feels anyway. I’ve only been able to get the back and about one quarter of the front done of the baby hoodie, and it’s tiny. I’ve probably worked on it for a month. It’s adorable though. The varigation of the yarn (white, purple, pink, green and yellow) together with the seed stitch forms little zig zag patterns and stripes. I love it.

Last night I realised that I have to get two birthday presents ready before the 26th. That’s when I’m meeting up with my aunt and her boyfriend in Orlando. She’s turning 40, and the week before is my grandfather’s 75th birthday, so I need to make him something too.

I think I have Kicki’s present ready though. In my head that is. I found the seafoam stitch in the knitting stitch library at About Knitting, and I think that would look really awesome with a ribbon yarn. Like a fancier dropstitch scarf.

I’m at a total loss for what to make my grandfather though. What do you make a grumpy old man, whose hearing and vision is so bad that he rarely goes out? He does crossword puzzles and listens to TV a lot. But that’s about it. He doesn’t like going out, so a scarf or hat is meaningless. I don’t have time for a blanket. I don’t know his shoe size. Though I still think a pair of easy socks would be the best bet. Either that or some Christmas decorations. Though a stash busting lap blanket would be awesome. I have too much Red Heart Supersaver laying around. Maybe a small one. The Big Bad Baby Blanket wouldn’t be that bad, it’s just stockinette squares. But in two weeks? And adult sized?


~ by Karyn on '10/9/05.

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