Springfling with Lelah

springfling02.jpg springfling031.jpg

What? Springfling cardigan for my mom.
Pattern: Springfling from Knitty.
Yarn: Shine & Shine Twist from Knitpicks, the color is called Sky. Probably about 900 yards, or 8 skeins and a tiny bit of a 9th.

Springfling is probably the slowest I’ve ever finished something. I started it in June, finished the knitting in about two weeks and then took to the middle of September to actually do the seaming. It was also the first time I tried to make something that resembled a sweater, or to more correctly, a cardigan. I loved the little stitch pattern, though you can’t see it very well even on the bigger picture.


What? Lelah tanktop for me me me.
Pattern: Lelah from Knitting for Boozehags.
Yarn: CottonEase in Candy Blue, no idea how much.

I love lelah. She’s perfect. I had to do insane amounts of math because I decided I didn’t like the way it came out on 9’s, and redid it on 6’s. It took forever because I started it right before a move and packed it down and couldn’t find it for a long time. It’s supposed to be a tube top, but I had a little talk with my boobs and they told me they were a little shy and uncomfortable without straps so I added that. They’re three stitches of seed stitch that are grafted to the top in the back.

The picture does however suck. So much. You can’t see the stitch pattern and I look like I just saw a ghost and it’s just no good. At all. I will have to try to take a better one. Later. Which equals never in my world. Sorry!


~ by Karyn on '09/28/05.

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