A million WIPs and counting

Soooo, what have I been doing? Not much, apparently. I have a ton of pics to shower you with, but only two are of finished objects.

pinkblue1.jpg pinkblueafter1.jpg

What? Small felted bag.
Pattern: My own. You can find it here (eventually).
Yarn: PeaceFleece in Blueberry Borscht and Perestroika Pink, 200 yards each.

Here’s a little felted bag I made. I used almost a whole skein of blue and a little more than a half of pink. I made the pattern up as I went, and just knitted until I ran out of yarn. The Pepsi can is for scale.


What? Beaded headband.
Pattern: My own. May or may not be put up on the sidebar.
Yarn: Lionbrand Cotton in black, way less than one skein.

A little headband I made out of black cotton and purple pony beads. I used these directions to get the beads on there. It’s kinda wide for someone with bangs though, but I still like it.

And that’s all I finished since my last post. Kind of sad, isn’t it? I have a ton of work in progress though… Such as:


The first four or five repeats of Lelah. which I love. Though I’ve been knitting on 9’s, and I really hate the way it looks. I think 6’s or 7’s would look better. So I don’t know. Maybe I’ll finish it, maybe I’ll frog it and start over. Not sure yet. The Lelah is incidentally pictured with our kitty that is also named Lila, pronounced the same, but spelled differently.


And then I tried to learn how to crochet. of course I decided to start with something really complicated, as in this baby blanket, that is shaped like a star. I think I started over ten times (see pic) before I decided to make a fishy blanket instead. You can see two of my star attempts in one corner. As for my little fishies, I’m not making each fish separately like the pattern (I hate seaming!), but in sequences horisontally (how do spell that word?).


Here’s another shot of the birthday present I made for my mom. It’s springfling, all seamed up except for one sleeve. I love it, but I hate seaming. And yes, behind it you have one of my babies, a kitty named duncan, and on top of SpringFling is the turtle Aaron knitted for me! It’s from World of Knitted Toys and he had to seam 21(!) individual parts together. I love it!


~ by Karyn on '07/28/05.

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