Uhhh what?

Yesterday we went to Joann’s to look for beads. While Aaron was looking for just the right shade of purple for Lauren’s chokers I sat down at a table to rearrange my bag. That is sometimes necessary when you walk around with the following:

– two notebooks,
– four pens,
– two tampons,
– an unknown amount of receipts,
– even more little packets of raw sugar (stolen from Starbucks),
– a lonely, striped armwarmer in horrible acrylic,
– two balls of Cascade Fixation,
– one skein of KnitPicksShine & Shine Twist,
– an almost finished Honeymoon (one shoulder strap needs to be grafted),
– one straight aluminum needle (grieving the loss of its mate),
– one circular needle,
– a set of Denise needles,
– a cell phone,
– a hair brush,
– one of Aaron’s pay stubs,
– a wallet,
– a roll of tape,
-my bag of knitting necessities (with scissors, measuring tape, pins, a yarn needle, two sets of dpns, blocking pins and so on)
– and about eight inches of SpringFling.

I sat there sorting everything back in my bag when an employee came up with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh someone’s already here for the knitting class! What’s your name?”

I stared blankly at her for probably about ten seconds before explaining that no, I’m not here for the beginner’s knitting class, this is just the contents of my purse.

I tried really hard not to be bitchy about it, because, she’s probably a knitter too and has to be friendly to people who thinks they need to pay $40 for two one hour classes of knitting when everything they need to know is right there, on the, you know, internets. And oh man, to pay that much for that when you can buy all kinds of yarn goodness for the money?


~ by Karyn on '06/15/05.

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