I love love love Sophie!

Yesterday Corrina let me come over to use her washer. She’s also the one that gave me a little bit of black PeaceFleece to finish off my Sophie, since I for some reason disregarded the warning that the pattern needed at least 220 yards, and bought PeaceFleece, even though they only come with 200 and I couldn’t afford a second skein.

We had lots of fun, having lunch (the best risotto ever!) and listening to her adorable sons and nephew playing while we put the bag through a cycle and a half. I got quite a bit of knitting done too, but sadly enough I had to rip it all out last night. It turned out the little mistake Corrina laughed at me for obsessing over was a not so small mistake. After an inch or so it turned out it somehow pushed the solid part to the left so the lacey portions and the solid bars switched place! Insane. I’m still working on ripping it back to a spot where I have no dropped stitches, since I didn’t bother to use a lifeline. And yes, I’m kicking myself for it right now.

Sophie, however, turned out great, and i love her!

What? Small felted bag.
Pattern: Sophie from MagKnits.
Yarn: PeaceFleece (100% wool, 200 yards) in Moldova Burgundy (1 skein) and black (half a skein).

sophiewoflash.jpg sophiewflash.jpg

To the right you have her the way she really looks, color wise. To the left you have a picture taken with a flash so you can see her in all her glory, mistakes and all.

Now I just have to reduce the amount of shit I drag around on a daily basis, since she’s about half the size of my usual bag. It will be hard, no doubt. What am I now gonna do with the kitchen sink?


~ by Karyn on '06/15/05.

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