Honeymoon + goofy smile = me


pattern: Honeymoon from Knitty.
yarn: CottonTwist (70% mercerized cotton, 30% rayon, 85 yards)  in navy, 4.5 hanks, around 400 yards.

It’d be nice if we were talking about a real honeymoon here, but unfortunately we’re talking about a piece of clothing. Well, not entirely unfortunate of course, since I love the top we’re talking about, but man, it’d be nice to go somewhere for a while and just… be.

And for the record, we don’t even have kids yet, just cats that think they’re humans.

Bathroom lighting seems to always give a shade of death. It shows the actual tank pretty well though, so here you go. It’s not black, it’s blue, so ha. And yeah, please disregard the dark shadows under my eyes. The picture is taken after about three hours of sleep and with no makeup whatsoever. scary!

Below you can see an in progress shot. Actually it’s not so much in progress as waiting for me to stop being a wuss and graft the second shoulder strap together already. It shows the true color though, as opposed to the picture to the left.



~ by Karyn on '06/15/05.

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