Ugh. I feel like such a moron.

The yarn store had a sale, and I read the signs wrong. I thought CottonTwist had 30% off, when it was in fact the yarn next to it. And it was so pretty, so I got six skeins to make something, I don’t even know what, with. Coming home I realized that I could’ve just waited and ordered it for half off at KnitPicks, which I have to place an order with anyway.

Sigh. Super sigh.

I broke our budget and it wasn’t even necessary! I’m just hoping that the extra hours of overtime Aaron got will cover my little splurge. The worst thing is probably that I would never in my life spend $25 on one single piece of clothing, unless, of course, it was something very special.


~ by Karyn on '05/29/05.

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