My love for ice

You really know somebody loves you when you tell them you crave ice (I’m so bad at drinking water so when it gets a million degrees outside I start craving icecubes – Starbucks in Barnes & Noble on San Jose have the best) and they not only go out and buy you a freaking 7 lbs bag of ice, but also proceeds to crush every piece in there up with a hammer because they know you like your ice in small pieces.

Also, last night was our first attempt to not sleep in the same bed. We gave evelyn one half of our queen sized bed and I was supposed to sleep on the other half. After two hours of laying awake thinking about how long it had been since we hadn’t sleep intertwined (however many months it has been since february of 2003) I went out into the livingroom and we slept together on the futon.

If I want $22 worth of yarn from KnitPicks, which with shipping comes up to $28, is that fate’s way of saying pick out more yarn! since shipping is free if you hit $30?

I think so.


~ by Karyn on '05/21/05.

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