Tempting and trees


What? Ribbed shirt for Lauren.
Pattern: Tempting.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic) in Country Blue and Light Country Blue, about 3 skeins.

Like everybody else on the planet I just finished Tempting. Not for myself though. I used the striping from this post, slightly modified, and followed these suggestions for decreasing by the neck instead of using the ribbon.

The process itself was a pain, since I eleven inches into it realised I had knitted with an 8 and a 9. Damn denises! I hoped for the best and switched to two 8’s though. It seemed to work, because it didn’t look wonky or anything, so phew.

The color is most true on the in progress picture.

I was afraid it wasn’t going to fit Lauren, since she’s slightly bigger than me, but it was stretchier than I thought and fit her perfect!



This is me wearing it. It looks way better on Lauren. Less like a tent, if you will.



After so much k2, p2, repeat, that I had nightmares about it I had to made something else. I picked this little square in need of some instant gratification, and it came out decent. I just used some Simply Soft that I stole from Aaron’s stash (it’s so much fun being able to say “stash”, it feels like I’m talking about something way less legal than yarn), so it’s nothing fancy. I’m usually not the kind of person who does swatches like this (unless I really really have to!), but it was fun to try a little bit of cabling.


~ by Karyn on '05/13/05.

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