Does this make me a bad vegan?


I just bought some beautiful PeaceFleece yarn. It’s 70% wool and 30% mohair, which I guess make me a bad vegan. Just to throw some fuel on the fire: I also eat things with honey in it and use old shoes containing leather. Not buying anything new though.

Isn’t it beautiful? On the site it says:

Moldova Burgundy Wine Heather, tiny flecks of blue.
Back in the mid-80’s I was invited to a farm in Moldova and asked a group of American sheep farmers to accompany me. We were assured we would find sheep. But upon arrival, we were told that the farm only grew grapes for wine. We drowned our disappointment in some of the finest burgundy I have ever enjoyed.

It’s gonna become a Sophie. I’m so excited.


~ by Karyn on '05/11/05.

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