Who says you have to start small?

apvaskadone.jpg impvaskasmall.jpg

What? The Monkey Bag, aka My First Big Intarsia Project.
Pattern: The Punkrock Backpack from Stitch n’ Bitch, except I changed it around a whole lot. Thinking about it, the only thing left is really the monkey.
Yarn: Miscellaneous scraps of Red Heart in red, brown, beige, black and white.

This bag started as The Punkrock Backpack, but halfway through the little monkey guy I realised that I never wear backpacks. I’m really more of a messenger bag type of girl. Soooo I changed it. I cast off when the front was a square, and then designed another piece of intarsia for the back.

I made sides, a bottom, a long ass strap and spent forever putting a checkerboard patterned liner inside. I made it with a pocket for my knitting needles and one for my keys. And yes, there’s a zipper on the top, so it closes.

Did I ever mention that I love bags?


~ by Karyn on '03/23/05.

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