Damn my excitement

I tried so damn hard to keep those presents a secret. I didn’t tell him when I ordered them and I ran out to the mailbox in the pouring rain so he wouldn’t know they had arrived. And then I made the mistake of taking a closer look before wrapping them. One of the presents was World of Knitted Toys, and the second I looked through it I knew I couldn’t keep quiet for two whole weeks! It was just too awesome. So the second aaron came home he got his presents and he loves them.

but damn. my whole plot got ruined by my excitement. now there’s nothing for his birthday.

this book has everything: turtles, sharks, octopuses, monkeys, koalas, kangaroos, cows, chickens, pigs, zebras, lions, cats… i don’t know where to start! (and neither does aaron).


~ by Karyn on '03/18/05.

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