I bet he’s gay

We went to Starbucks, because Aaron just had to have an Izze. It’s some type of sparkly, fruity soda that reminds me a whole lot of these drinks mom used to give us when we were little.

We were knitting of course. I worked on a scarf in dirt cheap chenille (more than 50% off), later dubbed The Take a Nap Scarf (because it’s so comfy that Aaron wants to take a nap just looking at it). It’s going to be striped in teal, terracotta and basil, or, like us mortal call it: turquoise, orange and green. Aaron was working on the Joey Ramone doll from Stitch and Bitch Nation, for Jeannie.


After half an hour or so he told me he heard whispers. A lot of them. They were all variations on the same theme (I bet he’s gay), since apparently, only women and gay men are born with the gene that makes it possible to learn how to knit.

He’s so cute though. He’s decided that it’s “too hard” to knit the way I showed him, which I believe is Continental. He holds the yarn and everything like I taught him, but he insists on knitting into the back of every stitch. I’ve tried to explain the thing with twisted stitches and that he has to do his purl rows backwards too now, but no. He’s doing his own thing. It’s cute.


What? Hat for Elisabeth’s baby.
Pattern: The Umbicial Cord Baby Hat from Stitch and Bitch.
Yarn: Not sure, some varigated baby yarn.

I’m done with Poor Michael Brown’s hat (which we call him because it must be suck to come into this world and realise your parents have been pressured by their parents to name you something as un-unique as William Michael Brown Jr). It’s made in a variegated yarn that makes it white with blue/pink/yellow/green little spots. It’s very adorable. I want to give it to Elisabeth, but I’m kind of mad about the whole baby shower, so I don’t know about that. they decided we were too poor to want to bother to invite us, because they didn’t want us to feel we “had to” buy a gift. It would’ve been nice to be invited, none the less.

Aaron is making her and the baby a bear. I think I’m gonna knit up a bunny real quick, just so it gets some company. I have a feeling it will spend most of its time in a cabinet somewhere, so I think it can use it.


~ by Karyn on '01/31/05.

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