Some of the things I knitted this Christmas:


What? Scarf for my dear sister.
Pattern: The Alien Scarf from Stitch and Bitch.
Yarn: Cheap ass acrylic in dark red and black.

Neat huh? This was about the third project I ever tried. Yeah. Easy has never been my thing.



What? Wristwarmers for my siblings.
Pattern: The star and geek wristwarmers in Stitch and bitch and the skull and bones wristwarmer in Stitch and Bitch Nation, but modified.
Yarn: Leftover scraps of dark red and black acrylic.

I made red wristwarmers with black as contrast color for my sister. The right one is a star, and the one to the left spells out “geek”. My brother of course got a “geek” one as well. He likes skulls for some reason, so I swapped the star one out for one with skull and bones. I just used the chart in Stitch and Bitch Nation, but exchanged the beading for simple intarsia.


What? God awful potholders and coasters for my grandparents.
Pattern: Made up as I went.
Yarn: Sugar and Cream (100% cotton, 92 yards) in Mistletoe Ombre, or as I like to put it: the most awful red/white/green cotton yarn this world has ever seen.

My grandparents love tacky Christmas stuff. Last year I bought them a red glittery candle with little reindeer cut out on the sides to put on a starshaped plate spraypainted with gold paint (yay Walmart!). And they thought it was amazing and put it on display on their dining room table. So of course I had to buy this yarn when I found it at half off.

There really isn’t a pattern. Just knit little squares in a “k, p5, repeat until you’re nauseous” fashion and then crochet a little hanger in a corner.


What? Keyhole scarf for my grandmother.
Pattern: Keyhole scarf pattern in Stitch and Bitch.
Yarn: Some sort of acrylic.

This was before I learned the norwegian purl, so after a while the k1, p1 thing made me wanna shoot myself. Or something equally destructive. It turned out pretty good though, although a little bit short because I ran out of time.


~ by Karyn on '01/5/05.

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